Sr JavaScript Ontwikkelaar | Data | 3.000 - 4.200


We have expertise in designing data architecture and retrieving value from data, for our clients. We master also online data and find the best ways to collect, structure, store, and analyze data.
We work for large companies. We handle extended projects in our own office (no detachment). We work with state-of-the-art technology and in this, position ourselves in the vanguard. Do you wanna dive deep and learn a lot? In that case this is the perfect job for you.


Sr JavaScript Ontwikkelaar | Data | 3.000 – 4.200

The overview of the role of Senior JavaScript Ontwikkelaar Zwolle Data is:
Our Console is the front-end where we and our customers manage complex data collection implementations and integrations.

You will, among other things, do the following:

  • Work with a complex database structure with many relationships. Our current database is MongoDB.
  • Be able to maintain and improve our API. We currently work with NodeJS and NestJS for routing.
  • Be able to connect with several APIs like Facebook, Google Analytics and Google Ads.
  • Lay the foundation and create a flexible front-end. Our new front-end will be build in React.

The library consists of many functionalities to make it easy for developers and web analists to track online interactions on their website. Besides that, our tooling prepares and cleans all data before it is pushed to all kinds of online tooling.

You will, among other things, do the following:

  • Maintain and improve a library written with the newest Javascript features. We use Webpack 4 and Babel 7 to transpile our code.
  • Being able to understand and implement connections between our library and libraries of marketing tools like Facebook, Google Ads and Google Analytics.
  • Be able to improve stability and quality by setting up a sophisticated testing program. Currently we use Mocha and Chai to test our (front-end) library.

We are already tracking millions of pageviews. This is all done client-side based on implementations by the developers of our customers. With Our QA we want to help programmatically test their implementations. You will be the lead on setting up this Quality Assurance project.

You will, among other things, do the following:

  • Create automated tests based on configurations in Our Console
  • Make use of crawlers to periodically perform these automated tests on sites of our customers with for example Selenium.

Our Store is the database we use for storing all interactions users have with websites of our customers. Before we store this information, we perform many important manipulations on each chunk of data while it flows into the store. Your role is to improve and mature our “pipeline”.

You will, among other things, do the following:

  • Create middleware that manipulates incoming datastreams
  • Make a connection with Our Console to manage the required manipulations

In Our Store many analysis and calculations are conducted. This results in recommendations for users, default data outputs and more. This data should be able to be fetched from the outside. These are our Data and Visitor APIs. Besides making it possible to export data. It is also required to be able to import data through our Import API. You will be in the lead to develop default connections we can use for all of our customers to import data.

You will, among other things, do the following:

  • Manage and mature our exporting API.
  • Setup and maintain connection with third-party APIs.

We are looking for an additional quality driven Senior JavaScript Ontwikkelaar, to join a our team.
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Functie eisen

  • We are looking for an experienced Javascript developer who likes difficult challenges.
  • Languages: Dutch AND English.
  • You are living nearby Zwolle, Deventer, Meppel, Kampen en Apeldoorn.


We are looking for someone that wants to work with us on a long-term basis. We have a nice working environment. We invest in our employees. We will teach you how to do the job and we offer you extensive learning opportunities.
We offer a good salary which will be based on your experience and qualifications.
WR will guide you to your new employer. This might be an attractive job opportunity for you! We estimate that your gross salary will be in the range of Euro 3.000 – Euro 4.200, on the basis of a 40 hour work week. Apart from that, the company offers good fringe benefits.
WR strives for making a good match, where you, preferably, can develop towards a better salary.
WR is a recruitment firm. We practice no detachment.


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